Alasdair Allan - Retro Rotary Phone AIY Kit

Allan’s rotary phone AIY Voice Kit

I’ve been on the hunt for a vintage phone for a little while now, and I’ve been doing some research on how to incorporate the AIY Voice Kit in one. It turns out that I’m not the first one with this idea, as Allan Alasdair did just this using a modern version of a retro rotary phone.

You can read the full story here, including pictures of the work in progress and videos of the fully functional phone.

It was very interesting to read, yet I’m a little disappointed he was only able to reuse the speaker and a single option of the rotary dialer.

For the Historic Voicebot, I’m hoping to not only reuse the speaker, but also the existing microphone (or add a new one in the headset). It would also be nice to repurpose all the dialer options and the bell inside the phone (yes, apparently these old vintage phones have a bell inside them).


A retro rotary phone powered by AIY projects and the Raspberry Pi, Allan Alasdair, Medium, Date of reference: 26th of March 2019.