the squirrel

Day 18 – The Story of the Squirrel

Look, there it is!” I say as I point towards the squirrel sitting underneath one of the many trees in the forest. The light brown squirrel, with the bushiest and fluffiest tail you can imagine, is sitting amongst the autumn leaves, casually eating a nut. “It’s so cute! Can we take it home?” I ask “pretty please!”. The squirrel turns his head toward us and and ices Amy. “I have a little sister,” he says. “There’s probably nothing more beautiful than these trees.”” The young tree turns his airy eyes a little. “It’s all a bit like the black walnut trees of the treehouse, although I can’t really explain it. They also have huge eyes like this one I can’t see how the treehouse is supposed to look.”

the treehouse
the treehouse

And the tree looks really beautiful, too. The tree just keeps moving.

※When the squirrel hears the sounds of its own horns, it turns down, ready to stand up and pick its mate. It’s then determined to make sure the other tree is still alive.※The squirrel moves like most other squirrels to the same spot. It stops its head, and is surprised by Amy’s loud mouth. ※As the tree moves and releases its body, its head drops off the forest behind the squirrel, dropping it into its spot.※ The squirrel tries to climb out from its chair and takes a step forward, but it doesn’t succeed. So it falls down, walks away and picks up its mate, slowly pulling it out as soon as it seems to arrive. The animal flips its head, and then starts jumping. The squirrel pulls back to its spot, and it leaps again.

It’s also a giant tree, but it’s been kept alive by two tree-parts. That’s enough for Amy to start taking care of plants and taking care of leaves, and a small handful if it’s not. This new squirrel may not be the big-headed thing, but it may be the one who makes the big guys fall down.

The squirrel takes a step forward at the very moment Amy steps onto the branch next to it.

※The squirrel grabs its bait, but the tree is already up and running. She raises the paddle to cover the squirrel’s mouth in the branches. “So this is where my branch ends!”※ The tree comes back and pulls up its own branch and grabs the bird, a long-eared squirrel that was once its mate.

※The squirrel leaps, and it begins snapping at the other tree as it tries to keep moving. “Can I go up the branch?” It asks as it picks up the wing, but he keeps moving. It continues to grab the bird and finally it’s out of its spot and takes a step forward.

the squirrel
the squirrel

※The squirrel tries another round and it swoops back to its spot, but the animal grabs its bite.

※The squirrel moves again, but it doesn’t win because it eats tree leaves.

※The tree misses its target.

※The squirrel is still trying to pick it up. It jumps into the tree and flies up into the tree. It seems that the squirrel is still falling off, though. It goes to take its chance on its own, but it doesn’t have success.

The squirrel opens the tree’s branches and walks back into the tree, but the bird catches it, but it catches it. It catches its own spot, but it grabs it by the hair, and throws it in a tree. It gets up, and then it is knocked out of its spot and walks back up. The squirrel jumps and returns to the tree, the squirrel is still running, it keeps moving and tries to pick it up. The squirrel jumps and gets up and starts biting the tree, but the squirrel keeps going into the tree and catches her off-guard. The squirrel does not take her bait, but it sticks straight up so it cannot get close enough to her to scare her, and it throws a hole in the tree. The squirrel then takes another leap and kicks it in the tree, but her bite marks its way down the forest. The squirrel falls down to the tree, but it’s still in the tree at the tree’s edge and catches it and bites its way down the forest, but the squirrel falls back. The squirrel grabs its way up to the tree and hits its way back, but the squirrel falls to the tree.

※The squirrel hits the tree with a sharp bite, but it misses again, and the squirrel falls.

※And then the squirrel catches its way back and bites itself again.

※The squirrel is finally able to take its bait and goes back to the tree. It can get a pretty big bite, but it tries again, and the squirrel only keeps up for a few more blows. The squirrel falls down from, and the squirrel keeps fighting for a few more blows so it can out.

※The squirrel jumps right into itself and hits it with an old hard hole in it’s mouth. The squirrel goes to the tree and hits it back, but the squirrels only keep up for a few more blows. The squirrel fails to chase away, but the squirrels even try again, again and the squirrels even try again.

The text in bold was written by Nicole the human and completed by the DeepAI Text Generator. The images were created by the DeepAI Text To Image AI, using their captions as the text input.