"I am the mad scientist"

Day 19 – The Story of the Mad Scientist

Hmmm, yes, yes, yes” the mad scientist mumbled to himself as he looked at the green goo in the test-tube he was holding. “Yes, my creation is now perfect!” he exclaimed excitedly “this will totally take you away, but at this point.‬ The scientist and physicist were still confused, because they were going from the far away world to know a little bit about this. This is a great show, thanks to an inventor who designed the system, that just can’t be played back.

The scene was almost as strange as its title would be. “I am the mad scientist”.

"I am the mad scientist"
“I am the mad scientist”

“No, do not tell me any of this. You are the mad scientist, mad scientist”.


What are you supposed to do to this?

(Please get out of the way, the man in the back of me, it was all hilarious to say. No, I am a scientist, mad scientist, it was all hilarious).

I’m the one calling this.

What are you supposed to do if you had this? Why the doctor was mad?

(Are you sure? Well, I asked for this, but it was not for a while. But she told me to put on a doctor, a mad scientist: she was a doctor)

a doctor
a doctor

How is this a big joke?

(The doctor’s father was in the back seat of the car with a little camera inside, and he was there so I could see them and say how they came to a stop, and it was really funny. She said, “You can’t keep looking at me in the back of the car.” (I explained why she is a good doctor, she is mad; I am not mad; she is a physician)

How is this the same thing in the movies?

I understand you have to put my name and it says how I put it. I am just sorry.

Did my parents know that you had the world full of mad scientists?

(My mum was mad as hell, she was a mad scientist and the doctors knew her too.)

What would your daughter do to this? What would I do to your son?

You know a whole bunch of horrible people in the movie, just like the doctor, just like the physicist, so sorry.

The guy in the back seat, who is mad?

(She is also mad for a long time, that all that’s gone is that someone had a child and is pregnant and pregnant)

Can your daughter know who I am?

(When I was in the movies I looked at the screen and got mad. I told her when I saw the picture, I was mad too: it was not me, but me that has disappeared too.)

Who else was mad scientist?

When I came home from the cinema he got angry at me for being mad about this. The director, who I am, had told me that he had tried to put pressure on me to take out the gun, but didn’t get me. If you want to look at him from behind, you should be able to get a gun. He said:

“I want a gun, but I have to have a gun!”

I replied, and his face went weird, and said:

“It’s OK just one of them!”

I don’t tell your children this. It is not like this is not the same, the director is mad as hell.

Can you explain?

(My mum was mad as hell when she told me to put her mouth on the gun)

I’ve done this before, and it was in the last film. I had been pregnant and she was a mad scientist and mad because she was a mad scientist, and she was pregnant. So I gave the gun to me, and I put it in the car, and put the gun in the car. So, she called me, because I was mad, and then the director said ‘I am mad, I am mad.’

I’ve been mad about it, about it when the film was.

Have you ever thought that your daughter has died?

(When she is mad I call her)

Can you explain?

(When she is mad, she has to be held in your hands).

So is this the same thing in the movies? Are you mad that it is not true? I did. I didn’t know why I was mad about that…

The text in bold was written by Nicole the human and completed by the DeepAI Text Generator. The images were created by the DeepAI Text To Image AI, using their captions as the text input.