a whole mess

Day 22 – The Story of the Phone

Tring tring!” the phone rang. Anne rushed towards it and picked up the handle. “Anne speaking” she said, waiting for a response from the other side. “Hi, this is this is Anne! (And you have a whole mess.)

a whole mess
a whole mess

‬Mary: Please please explain. ‪

The second man picked up the handle.

The conversation took place. Anne had already come a few minutes ago and took note. She put the phone down. ‪It was not her turn and was holding the call.

I had been carrying this phone, or I can still call it. ‪

As I was sitting there, he said, “I want it”.

Another conversation took place as well: The phone rang. Anne was told to put up the phone – although she wouldn’t have it, the police wouldn’t arrest anyone, even if they were in handcuffs. The caller then picked up the handle, picked it up it again and put it into handcuffs with a hand in it. How could life go on in such horrible circumstances? ‪A few times she picked up the phone and put it in handcuffs. She pulled that out. ‪There was no sign of a being. She put it to the other side and was still holding the phone.

As Anne was putting the phone in handcuffs, I wasn’t allowed to go anywhere. I was in the process of contacting her, but I still hadn’t gotten anywhere with the police so I was afraid. ‪You don’t want a stranger to walk into a police station. You don’t want a young teen going through a whole hell of a mission, and you don’t want to tell a cop what to do.

I called the police about a long time ago when they tried to arrest a man I don’t know who has now been charged with a murder. ‪The police had to search several times if they wanted to indict me. The detectives said they could get information from them if they wanted to. The police kept up with the search, but later called the crime unit. I went in the meantime and had to sit down in front of the police station to explain what was going on.

And by the way, Anne was a little bit late to my birthday. I’d just had lunch with my friend, and our two guests had had the same kind of times when I’d been drinking beer. She was very smart. Very smart. But she kept going. “That’s going to be hard work.”

my birthday
my birthday

She’d been walking around the village from a few blocks away who’d been walking around the village for a couple of years. I sat in the back of the car. I was glad when I saw her.

“Where were you at?” she asked when we were leaving the village.

“I was at the police station,” I said.

“I was not supposed to be at the crime scene,” I told her.

She looked away as well. “Oh, but who knows, it’s probably all really hard, because you didn’t last long,” I said.

She sat back down. “It’s just, really hard.” I put the phone down.

I don’t know what I thought of her. She sat down next to me and I kept pressing it against the window. She was doing this. I put the phone down for her attention and it worked perfectly.

As I was sitting in the back of the car, Anne was sitting and we talked. At that moment I was looking at the phone. I was wondering what Anne was looking at. Her eyes were all over herself.

‪Lol, don’t think I’ve ever heard of your eyes. They were all there. They were just as big and bright as you could be.

Mary was standing still. She could see the phone. It was the voice of Ayla. It was her hand holding the phone. Her body was not moving at all.

the phone
the phone

I looked behind her.

‪Leo, don’t worry. Our hands were all down. I was standing just over half the road and was coming towards me. Anne felt like I couldn’t get my head around that. She was coming from nowhere. But there was no sign that anything was going to happen. She wouldn’t have stopped now.

My friend had turned up to see me. He was in the alleyway in front of the police station and he just had his hands on a baseball bat. I was trying to get rid of all of that for a minute.

Leo looked at me. I was wearing a dark hat and a dark pantsuit. He didn’t know what the bat was and he was just standing at the window.

I was in his jacket and jeans and had a black baseball cap I had put in my coat purse.

Leo looked at me and I could hear his eyes all over me. They made me nervous during a long trip.

After a second or two I heard the door open. The door looked closed.

The text in bold was written by Nicole the human and completed by the DeepAI Text Generator. The images were created by the DeepAI Text To Image AI, using their captions as the text input.