MoSCoW Analysis

Below I’ve analysed the requirements for the first version of the Historic Voicebot, divided into four categories: must have, should have, could have and won’t have (this time).

Must have

The critical requirements in order for the voicebot to properly function:

  • Interaction with visitors via a physical installation

  • The ability for visitors to ask questions via speech

  • The ability to answer basic questions about the historic person

  • Support for one language, in this case English

  • A display with a number of example questions

  • A function to save all the visitor interactions for testing and development purposes

  • Documentation about the realisation of the project

Should have

The important but not necessary features:

  • The ability for visitors to ask questions via chat

  • The ability to answer questions about the museum itself

  • The ability to answer questions about the location of items inside the museum

  • The ability to make small talk with visitors

  • A visual presence of the historic person either physical or on a screen
  • On-screen subtitles, so visitors can also read the responses given by the voicebot

  • Promotional materials about the project with information for both visitors and museums

Could have

Desirable requirements to improve the user experience:

  • A realistic and authentic voice

  • A display with a dynamic list of most-asked questions

  • Interaction with the rest of the museum, for instance showing the way to a certain location via ledstrips or indicating a specific object with lights

  • The ability to make recommendations to visitors, for instance “if you like X, you might also be interested in Y”. Y could be an exhibition, a partnered museum, an event, an item available in the giftshop, etc.

  • The ability to show the current mood of the historic person on the screen based on the conversation

  • The ability to show images based on the conversation topic, for instance an image of an object that is being discussed

  • An admin console to manage and adjust settings of the historic voicebot.

Won’t have (this time)

Features that would be nice to implement at another time:

  • Multi-platform support, for instance a museum website chatbot

  • Age and mood detection of the visitors, with tailored answers

  • Support for multiple languages

Saint Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow by A. Savin, via: