Session AI & Chatbots – International Days @ EhB

On Tuesday the 4th of December I attended a session titled “How to build smart AI Chatbots based on Cognitive services (Language understanding, knowledge database services and text analysis) with the Microsoft technology stack” given by Tomislav Mesić. Tomislav is the founder of Trilinear Concept and a professor at Zagreb University College.

During the session, Tomislav talked about how he set up a student service support chatbot. The bot is able to answer the most frequently asked questions by students. To do this, the chatbot combines data from 12 different websites from the Zagreb University College, so students no longer have to go looking all over the place to find an answer to their questions. More importantly, the bot saves time for the University College’s student service staff, as answering these relatively simple questions over and over again took up a lot of their time and resources.

After a short demo of the student service chatbot, Tomislav showed us step by step how you can setup a simple movie chatbot using Microsoft Azure and Microsoft’s Cognitive Services. Afterwards, he demonstrated how the chatbot could quickly be launched on platforms like Facebook Messenger, Skype and Slack.

Overall the session was very interesting, it was nice to see which technologies were used and how the chatbots were set up.


Workshop AI Chatbots - EhB International DaysWorkshop AI Chatbots – EhB International Days