Target Audience

The target audience for the Historic Voicebot are people that visit museums. This is a very diverse and very broad audience, which makes the situation very interesting but also very challenging.

According to research published by

There are no significant differences between gender and the amount of museum visits. Age is also not a determining factor, the number of visits per age group is roughly the same. The only exception to this are people over the age of 75. In this age category only a quarter of people visited a museum in 2016.

What does seem to determine the amount of museum visits per year is the level of education. Of people who have completed university level education, 80% visited at least one museum, compared to only 20% of lower educated people.

Another interesting fact is that 40% of people visited a museum within Belgium and roughly 30% visited a museum abroad.

To summarise, the target audience for the Historic Voicebot consists of people who:

  • Are any age
  • Are any gender
  • Have a variety of different education levels
  • Live either locally or abroad
  • Speak one or more different languages
  • May or may not have mental or physical disabilities
  • Have a range of different interests
  • Have other levels of knowledge about certain subjects

One of the main reasons for developing the Historic Voicebot is that the visitors of a museum are so different, and by keeping this in mind I hope to create an inclusive interactive installation that appeals to everyone.

Research and image source: VRIND 2017 via