The House Museums of Milan Chatbot

“Chatbots in museums: Hype or opportunity?” I came across an interesting case study about a chatbot made for the House Museums of Milan.

To attract a teenage audience and increase interactivity, a Facebook messenger bot was created. But unlike the other bots, it’s main goal was to be a tool for the visitors to help them solve a game set in the real, physical museum. The focus wasn’t on talking to the chatbot, but rather on exploring the galleries of The House Museums of Milan.

To me, it’s interesting to see how chatbots can be used to connect to the real world, instead of deviating from it.

The virtual companion was tested by 80 teenaged students from the area, and it seems very successful so far. 72% of the students thought the game was highly entertaining and 66% found it a useful learning tool, especially when used with others in a small group.